Dr. Shawn C. Fettig, an expert in queer rights/history, is an authoritative voice on the subject matter. His research is featured in mass-published books and has been presented at numerous national conferences. In addition, he teaches on the subject at the University of Denver. As such, he is qualified to speak about marriage equality, the history of queer rights and politics in the United States, and politics of the queer movement.

Shawn moved to Boulder in 2015 to chronicle the narrative nonfiction accounting of the events of 1975 – the issuing of the country’s first same-sex marriage licenses. In a short time, he has become an expert on the topic in Boulder. Within this capacity, he has:

  • Spoken at many events about this story, as well as marriage equality and queer rights, including:
    • Annual Out Boulder Garden Party (2015; 2016)
    • Allies in Action Evening (2015)
    • Marriage Equality Rally (2015)
  • Interviewed by the Boulder Daily Camera, Channel 7 News (Denver), and KGNU Radio (Boulder)
  • Penned an editorial about marriage equality and immigration for the Boulder Daily Camera.
  • Partnered with the Boulder History Museum and Out Boulder to develop a museum exhibit about the issuing of the same-sex marriage licenses in 1975.

Shawn’s original work is published in: